Sep, 30 2019 (Last Update: Sat, 14 Dec 2019)

We were originally formed as Aclearview in 1999 and some 5 years later changing to CCOUA.

The goal was undertaken at that time to show many hypocricies that exists/ed with a number of individuals and groups and show the virtues of conservative thought where it applies.

It's our vision to enlighten as many as possible to common sense values that many may not fully understand involving many areas of life where those values may control certain factors of being, including safety, security and prosperity for all by spurring active debate, cooperation through interaction with others and positive actions by them who wish to be part of the American lifestyle. One method of accomplishing this is reviewing certain information and commenting on those thoughts and ideas presented weighing there pro's and con's.

There is no cost to any participant unless desired to do so and freely undertaken by them to support certain values posted on this forum.

[Definition of Un-American Activities] Those that harm or hinder another person or there legal rights as citizens.