Good Government Starts at Home

Sunday, January 26. 2020

Considerations for the upcoming elections of 2020 and other opinions stated as seen on With a reminder to the electorate.

Good Government starts at home!

Good Government starts at home especially for those who find themselves in a free society who have a self-governing policy and rely on that good character for a guide in accomplishing that effective governance.
Good government can be traced to good character building developed while in the home when the opportunity arises for the instruction of good character, but also good character of the instructor is also important allowing for the proper guidance of those who are in that person’s charge, such as a parental and child relationship.
Further it must be understood that good character is primarily built by having a clear understanding of proper common sense knowledge that stems from, as well as, being based on certain preexisting standards that originated from standards having been pronounced in some way from certain events occurring and adopted many eons previously and continued throughout history by some even today, which it has been noted those standards have worked well in describing what is good character for many years, not those standards set by any of those policies which had been adopted recently that counter those original standards and cause havoc in the process by doing so. What that character building could and should accomplish, if done successfully, is the ability to honestly come to any good and correct conclusion for deciding any matter for governing all peoples fairly and honestly, all those people who are concerned with that correct decision making process being used in their favor and all others who live under that governance which require good character from thier elected officials. Of course the other outcome created from having good character brings with it less dissention or conflicts in any future or existing relationship between marital or societal partners or for relationships of any kind, reducing crime in the process and with that reduction in crime frees up more assets and capital which could or would be available for other events such as parties, vacations or any kind of celebration on a selfish note, even furthering any efforts to enhance mankind’s existence which should be primary. It also has to be noted for the benefit of any naysayer, that in developing that good character in no way does it distract from or limits anyone from being free secure and prosperous or partaking in any activity that would not offer the same privileges to others, except limiting any criminal activity. It should also be known that by having good character instilled in anyone’s behavior at any time would open so many other doors of opportunity on a myriad of other matters.
I should state once again that keeping matters simple, direct and to the point with less clutter is always the best policy, so there is no need to say more, but please do comment.

The question is what do you want from government, even though the question really is what can government do for you since it is supposed to be for the benefit of all!

Privacy and what it means

Sunday, January 19. 2020

Privacy, why is it important but misused!

Although privacy has always been a concern how it’s misused and misunderstood is the point of this opinion. To give some credence to this opinion, it is given and commented on by an individual with direct knowledge of its purpose and use by using many parts of it for a required career guide on handling privacy, meaning having some sort of expert knowledge. Privacy however is and can be seen as a main component of freedom and how that freedom works for everyone; however there are some important factors of that privacy which needs clarification.

Privacy is very political in the following manner, one being a concern over civil rights, as well as having very personal concerns in some other cases on who or what knows and holds certain bits of information on others, and without that privacy neither use can work properly for those affected.

How it works politically, first and foremost to truly reflect on the feelings required to express a correct decision on any subject without any undue influence, there must be a private vote, that vote protected by being kept private in so many ways so as to enable or insure that decision really reflects that person’s honest point of view for maintaining your freedom. Brining up polls also as a discussion and how they to figure into a violation of privacy, those entry or exit polls engaged by many or with any poll where an inference on gaining certain insight or knowledge for any action would also be a violation of privacy, even though participation would be a personal choice and voluntary.

Next it is important to keep certain things privet so nothing can be used in any false or misleading fashion or taken out of context which may damage others incorrectly, that is if a true picture is to be drawn either politically or for private use.
When certain privacy acts of the 1970’s like 5 USCA 552 that had been was first established including the FCRA or FDCA in combination or with others were designed to prohibit the negative use of information that may have been falsely created or manipulated in some way then given out to others for nefarious purposes in an effort to wrongfully discrediting any opposition. It was not designed to aid anyone from hiding certain illegal activities quite the contrary.

Personal use of privacy is misunderstood as the right to privacy by somehow restricting anyone that has a personal interest in an issue from gaining certain information for their own use, such as a spouse or partner who has an interest in a matter, keeping them from having any ability of gaining certain insight for their own protection, even though knowing or not knowing certain bits of information may damage or irreparably harm the other person at some point. To further clarify not knowing or not having certain knowledge may not allow the other individual from making any decision which may benefit them. A perfect example of this analogy would be, one person failing to make the status of their housing obligation known to others and not telling their partner or spouse of any negative aspects which may exist regarding that obligation, such as default or foreclosure which may cause the other person to be put out into the street without the chance of rectifying that issue, losing that security of permanent housing they rely on for that existence, further losing their job or source of income for survival in the process created from that instability and also which may be required for sustenance or maintenance of any kind, just from that lack of candor, which this would be a misuse of privacy

How the misuse of privacy and how that misuse applies to everyday life can and has been made clear by situations that are created though a lack of required communication and understanding by a few if not all from every walk of live both on a personal or political level it causes havoc and mayhem in everyone's lives, that is the main object of this post and where this post is only designed to remind everyone of certain things that should already be know.

How complacency and Corruption Go Hand in Hand

Monday, January 13. 2020

Complacency and corruption servers to encourage the same goal!

Keeping it simple with no clutter as stated before in other posts is simply the easiest way to recognize the true meaning of anything including this article in determining if it’s good or bad. Both complacency and corruption spoken of separately in past postings has no different meaning when being coupled together here, however in this post they are lumped together so as to show their correlation and comparison to each other and further these mattes or not a right or left issue, but a position that everyone should be concerned with.

Complacency is at least partly responsible for a number of problems with any political decision; one is allowing the steady chipping away of personal rights and freedoms through certain acts allowed by that complacency, where those acts allowed or often undertaken by a minority instead of the majority and in many case disguised somehow as helping to create a safer environment, however they usually don’t accomplish that goal.
For those who see complacency as a way of life by not getting involved, it is from that complacency which allows those with bad intent to gain certain influence, then those individuals are given a pass by that complacency to affect everyone’s lives. So those neighbors who don’t get involved can negatively affect your existence by allowing certain things to take place because of that complacency. At this point nothing more needs to be said about complacency except it’s a bad choice to act in that manner.
Corruption also comes from complacency and corruption will allow many kinds of bad acts and intent to flourish because of that complacency along with any corruption that may exist, it must be noted that in the end corruption helps to make every person’s life less tenable not better as some think. Corruption can be seen by its inconsistency of providing for everyone’s needs, and in the actual negative outcome which is caused by its use, such as by a special interest groups gaining an improper advantage for a few and not the whole, it really isn’t that corruption exists since it can be seen that it does, it’s the outcome of corruption that’s important.
Corruption it’s self may or may not be a criminal act which some elude to even though it’s engaged in knowingly, the cause could also be present through some sort of misguidance earlier by some reasonable parties who are also corrupt in some manner in giving that guidance or perhaps from faulty education by instructing poorly and inaccurately in some way by a an unnamed instructor creating that misguidance.
In the final analysis the cause and effects of complacency and corruption should be evident to any intelligent person that is the true issue.

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