Correlation between Corporations and Politics

Posted by Administrator on Monday, February 24. 2020 at 14:40 in General Discussion
Corporations and Politics

Some people who rail against corporations and the policies set by those corporations, and where often those complaints are made by some for political gain, stating policies engaged in by those intities and very existence of corporations seem to be derogatory or a negative force in society, then those individuals often do not understand what corporations are or should be.

First it must be defined what the true intentions and reasons are why a Corporation exists in determining their purpose and viability as being a good force for creativity and advancement for and all societal groups, they should be viewed as closely as possible to come to a proper conclusion, some do have a negative purpose that is acknowledged, but for others they are a positive force benefiting all! A Corporation is only a conglomeration of those people who have like ideas and skills in order to fulling benefit then by forming such a group increases the chance of success in achieving certain goals, which by the way does not always happen if that idea is not popular to begin with. But that group of people brought together as one having the same goals and principles as many others and individuals do who or seeking strength in numbers in the pursuit of those goals. The negative aspect of any organization whether it’s a corporation partnership or other type of group only comes about by greed, misuse and abuses that follows with any corruption that may exists.
Corporations are a good idea in many cases and benefit all if not corrupt, and anyone who condemns them in anyway not only shows ignorance through their thoughts and actions, but must be corrupt themselves, and because of that, has no right to represent anyone by feeling they are none bois and only acting for the benefit of all, which they aren’t.
Again it must be stated that the only way to cure most societal ills is through good character and unselfish behavior with honest intentions.

The question is of course, what is it you want, by demonizing and banning corporations do you wish there are no opportunities?

As always any dissenting views and ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Using the Common Sense Rule

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, February 16. 2020 at 14:00 in General Discussion
Using Common Sense

When using common sense as grounds for any decision that is made regarding any subject or matter being considered care must be used in determining if that common sense is correct or not since everyone feels they possess common sense at least in one form or another. To make that determination there must be a common rule or set of rules to relate to for a comparison.

Several points come to mind for any consideration given to determine if the right path is selected for the purposes of making a correct common sense decision, one being the Ten Commandment as a guide. It is often mentioned by some that these guides are meant for a specific group other than for themselves but if studied correctly it is obvious there isn’t any specific group in mind but all individuals are included.
In some form or another, these principles outlined in those commandments are used by everyone, sometimes selfishly for their own benefit, even atheist use them at times, but never the less, they can and should form a base from which all else stems from.

In making any decision for selecting any specific political candidate these rules should be applied.
For example, one or more candidates make a statement we should take back or country, and I say take back from whom! everyone has their point of view what makes one better than the other.
Some say that everything should be free of charge, but common sense dictates the fact that since there isn’t enough money to accomplish that goal then those who supposedly benefit from anything being free will ultimately have to pay for it anyway, so then it’s not free, that is if we are to keep our rights. Oh sure we can print more worthless money that longer has any value but then you end up like other failed societies.

Free Market VS. Socialism

Posted by Administrator on Monday, February 10. 2020 at 15:22 in General Discussion
Free Market VS. Socialism

Certainly in most cases Socialism may sound like a good idea on its surface, but most individuals who embrace that kind of thought have one or more flaws in that way of thinking. One defect is not thinking though fully what the final result may be by adopting Socialism and not understanding how it can harm everybody including themselves, if not now then at some point, or at least harming their offspring in the future by not understanding what is truly feasible as an end goal, is it to inspire creativity? I doubt it, so there may be some other more sinister reason for adopting a Socialist philosophy. One other possibility is that it stems from corruption and criminal intent one the part of a few.

A number of examples can be made which counter any reliance on collectivism in any form whether it be true Communism or Socialism even totalitarianism of some kind, of course anyone can be seen as fools and support those kinds of policies if they wish, and embracing such a philosophy would be one way of showing that, but it also shows total ignorance and ignorance is exactly what education is aimed at eliminating, that is, if it’s not corrupt.

One example would be free Education, but then how would the educators be paid, and idea that sounds good but is flawed!
Another example is free Health care for all but again how would the Doctors and Nurses be paid, one mistake many make is the money to pay for these freebies are someone else’s to give out and not hampered in anyway with limited quantities of money available and has endless resources to draw from which in itself is flawed.
Another cry from some is for workers to unite, but it has to be asked workers unite in what? Many Individuals already have more than enough to support life unlike many on the left may say.

Has anyone thought about just being a consciences unselfish person to cure most ill’s, apparently just from current events many haven't!

Affects from bad behavior

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, February 2. 2020 at 15:55 in General Discussion
Effects of Bad Behavior Exposed. with Eratta

What are the effects of bad or corrupt behavior and what that corruption may cause by encouraging certain responses! Keep in mind that corruption does not always mean criminal intent but can be from a lack of or proper education at some point in time. However, It is a fact that bad behavior manifests itself and shows what bad process’s may be created by not completely understanding what certain actions may ultimately come about from that behavior and what it causes with certain outcomes that it effects. The following example is just one of many of those effects that cause certain reactions that indicates a certain complacency and lack of interest of facts in showing some kind of corruption by those charged with a certain duty. This type of event can also be found in numerous other examples which in some way effects the very highest levels of individuals as it relates to their position in society and many average everyday individuals alike charged with menial tasks such as being ordinary citizens.
Example, a letter spurred from lacking of interest by a certain group which should show that interest:

State Bar of California
180 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Gentlemen: 1/22/2020
To finish this conversation and discontinue any further expenditure of energy in curing this complaint by simply stating the phase “Nuf Said”, since it’s obvious there is a lack of any intelligence and integrity by certain people to go any further with this matter. In retrospect in reviewing this issue, seeing that while in pursuit of any outcome pro or con on this petition it soon becomes apparent how corrupt certain individuals are in failing to recognize certain facts borne out by their very existence, then passing on their responsibility to others wasting time in the process, and finally not taking into account by some differing methods used by numerous individuals for communicating any matter, which that method of communication may play a part at any point, remember this complaint is over bad acting which is apparent in so many ways. Which brings up the question? What reason could there be given by anyone to oppose this complaint since facts don’t lie, even if some of those facts are verified through actions only, however those actions are not all that’s offered for consideration! In a letter you wrote earlier stating there was insufficient evidence to support any claim on this matter, I follow with deferring to a picture attached as exhibit A [indicating 6” full inches of nothing but evidence]showing a myriad of items of proof in written form which would be available for review regarding any relevancy with this case, both with email and a variety of other correspondence along with many certified documents, these documents broken up into a number of folders since there exists more information than could be placed into one folder, some of these exhibits submitted are by certain prosecutors or agents of various agencies from different governmental groups such as County attorneys and judges, I suppose with your thinking they need to be impeached also. It must to be noted there is so much evidence on a number of different points effecting this complaint it was difficult to know what should be presented first until asked to supply any specifics information, not generalizations, but pertaining to a specific point on any issue so involved, however, what was given on the onset was sufficient to at least open doors for further evidence to be requested then submitted, certainly there was sufficient material originally to continue this matter and not to dismiss without any reference to any additional information required before acting. The bottom line is, because of bad behavior by many including an individual in your charge, illegal events took place and now you profess to have sufficient knowledge to allow I allowing that activity to continue, telling isn’t it, and pretty much proves my points. Then with all said today take this note as a scathing rebuke of your process.
To finalize, it’s not so much the fact of any dismissal of this matter, it’s more the way that dismissal occurred, frankly I don’t know what anyone could say that would minimized this effort, there is too much hard evidence that can be referred to lined out line by line if required.

George Kelly

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