Gender and Ethnicity in politics

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, March 8. 2020 at 14:55 in Opinion
Gender and ethnicity in politics and the responsibilities that goes with it

Much talk has been undertaken lately on the subject of who should be given a chance to possess a certain post, whereas that decision should be an easy one.

Any confusion or concern over this matter can be dispelled and summerized in a few words.

It is said by some that it’s time for a female to hold certain positions regarding a number of offices or posts and have the same responsibility that goes with it. It has also been discussed that a minority person should be given the same opportunity, which in some ways would make perfect sense that encompass many concerns over inclusiveness in any form which may be considered, but that is not the real objective which should be considered, the best qualified person should be the main objective.

However to secure the best possible outcome for everyone’s safety and security a choice should not be driven only by selecting any particular gender or and ethnic group for deciding such issues which may play a part in daily activities, it must be the most and best qualified person who comes out on top of any appointment then oversees any decision making process or leadership role for any offering or endeavor. Which brings up another point, concerning any white male or age group being considered the only exception would be the heath of the person, that is, the person chosen for that post being sought should be the most qualified under any circumstance for undertaking any task that’s required regardless of race, gender or age, which doing so may cure many ill’s which may be present.

Even in a non free society’s to secure peace and prosperity and guarantees of safety for everyone including those who rule people should always seek to be lead and guided by the best qualified individuals and if that is not possible then that is a good argument why those that rule should not be in the position they are.

Free speech under attack

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, December 22. 2019 at 14:35 in Opinion
One of the most basics of all rights guaranteed to citizens of the U S is free speech and that is under attack in many forms by some. It is the right of everyone to be heard regardless of what argument is being presented, being shouted down or hampered in presenting any proposal for consideration would be contrary to good behavior, but some with their words and actions hinder those rights of others, which for similar reasons could hinder their right of decent also, if all things are considered equal and where their rights could be interfered with too is un-American, bringing into focus the responsibility of all citizens to guard against such actions and fight both enemies foreign and domestic, underlining the word domestic.
First it has to be considered what is free speech? Being free to say what someone thinks is not the actual intent of free speech. Just because someone has that right to say something doesn’t mean everything said is worthwhile, the simple fact is somethings that should never be uttered such as lie’s and falsehoods are not acceptable if negative repercussions should not expected.
The actual purpose of Free speech was political speech, conceived in an effort to stifle tyranny or the possibility of that occurring, whereas, as before many people declared the right of free speech, a person that spoke out of turn could face losing their life, accomplishing freedom successfully would be allowing an individual to speck their mind then having a rebuttal of those statements if needed at a later date, which is known as parliamentary procedure a way of showing some intelligence by those speaking or listening then engaging in proper communications, in any case any rebuttal could be as soon as immediately after what is uttered or at some other point in time, that would be the only fair way for everyone to be heard, anything else could be seen as treasonous or illegal in some form in not allowing a person to exercise their rights of free people.

It also should be known, as a matter of fact, that without free speech many or all the other rights have no meaning or can’t exist, and without those rights freedom can’t be achieved for anyone.
As far as being believable in what is said, it all boils down to good character as everything is dependent on that. Take it from someone who has been misrepresented, lied about and cheated or abused in some form or another by ignorant and corrupt individuals for most of at least 50 years, giving me for more than ample experience to comment.

I hope individuals can understand the actual concept of free speech so they can imagine the value of that speech and comment which would be greatly appreciated as well as any dissenting views could be valuable!

Further Deminstration of How Ignorant and Corrupt Some can be

Posted by Administrator on Saturday, December 7. 2019 at 19:04 in Opinion
A further demonstration of how ignorant some individuals are is by engaging in certain acts, and many of those people continue with trying to paint or draw an incorrect picture on certain issues making it obvious they are the true obstructer or at least malfeasance in office. Take people like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others who share either the same or similar points of view. It’s not so much being correct or not which they are not, but being ignorant. Since I am sure that in their minds they think they are correct but if they aren't then that further demonstrates some kind of corruption. If they wish to be sure of what they say and think, then asking proper questions of those they differ with and getting a clear honest response not just assuming that would be proper, If that is not accomplished correctly then there can only be corruption or at least misunderstanding. If there is corruption I wonder who if anyone is paying them to partake in this activity or offering some other gratuity to continue on the path they find themselves on.
But do consider just one thing if nothing else, activity that points to some kind of corruption or complete stupidity of some individuals by referring one of many comments made by Speaker Pelosi and others that was off color where there is one example when she said the “ if you want to know what’s in it” comment, well if you have to pass it to know what’s in it then that indicates either she does not know how to explain it correctly herself and fails to know what’s in it there is something knowingly being hidden from those who should be made aware of certain facts before they except or agree to them or both, in either case there is good reason not to trust that person making those kind of statements in the first place, she obviously is not qualified to hold such a position that puts everyone at risk or representing anyone. Just because someone seems likable in many ways is not a good reason to support that person with your life, family or livelihood when the end result is they could control your fate, I think that is a grave mistake many make all to often.

This impeachment garbage is clear that it is only for reasons of a difference of opinion or perhaps disclosing certain individuals ill-gotten gains are threated and could be exposed for what they are by President Trump if he continues, certain individuals know if he is allowed to continue or anyone like him for that matter exposer is emanate , but the fact is that if the tables were turned the complainers would be in the crosshairs themselves for doing much the same thing or worse that’s been pointed out by some already, those individuals are engaged in the same or worse behavior they are claiming justifying their purpose of the these proceedings of impeachment against President Trump, these people are fools or idiots anyway by thier actions.
In truth even if it may seem harsh, more people should not be afraid to speak their minds and peacefully call things for what they are like President Trump does.

. As usual if anyone can show me where I am wrong and possess differing opinions and why I need to change my thinking, your input would be valued. But remember the question is what kind of life do you want?

Intelligent vs. being Educated or Indoctrinated

Posted by Administrator on Saturday, November 30. 2019 at 19:25 in Opinion
The marked difference between intelligence and being educated is simple and not dependent of any school attended if any, but good common sense where intelligence is concerned. Being educated however is the practice of acquiring certain knowledge whether or not the principle behind that knowledge is truly understood, giving evidence of training or practice for example is: SKILLED educated hands, where being intelligent is having the ability to discern and use that education which would be: the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations by using; REASON.
The issue which faces most of us today is many although they may think they are or considered educated, in truth, a vast number of these people who lack the intelligence to use the skills in a proper manner which they have acquired, at least in some way there is a lacking. It is certainly obvious that some do not understand what it is that allows for the very freedoms we enjoy or they may react differently, pointing to the fact that the school or university attended actually has no bearing on how intelligent one is.
Guaranteeing these freedoms may be gained by properly selecting someone to care for those freedoms that are expect, such as our safety and security and not standing in the way of our prosperity while we engage in legal endeavors.
These freedoms do not come by selecting those individuals to represent us because by means of a presumed party affiliation thinking that affiliation closely resembles that which we garner as truth when it may not, when in fact that affiliation is being used to deceive us in many cases allowing some to partake in illegal activities.
For example; where might some of the issues facing us stem from, just imagine if someone is partaking in some sort of illegal activity would they not try to install as many cohorts to support that activity as possible, such as law enforcement, judges and or politicians perhaps in this way we are all being duped.
And how might this duping be safe guarded from happening? Ask pointed questions and hold an individual to their earlier response with threat of physical removal from the position held if not justified, another way is also demand simplicity of all explanations.

Let us know how you feel on this subject!


Military Fiasco

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, November 24. 2019 at 05:53 in Opinion
This weekend of Nov 24th, 2019 it was further demonstrated there are reasons allowing many to draw a conclusion that various individual’s within the US government and its military structure have lost sight of why the US military and various departments within that government exists and how those entities should operate correctly to advance the ideals of this nation, certainly not by engaging in criminal activity knowingly or otherwise. It needs to be outlined of course what comprises that kind of behavior and what that is: simply, anything that damages others for no reason whether knowingly or not. It is clear that certain amounts of discipline must be maintained for effectiveness and cohesiveness for completing certain tasks successfully, but that discipline needs to make sense and be fair, honest, moral and ethical, after all it’s not only the public which needs safe guarding which in truth should be the prime objective in any action made by anyone in a government or military position, but those in the military are also made up of that public and equally require that protection. Lying, cheating and making false statements for any specific goal does not show proper behavior by anyone nor should it be allowed. The fact that perhaps Edward Gallaher who is spotlighted, may or may not have violated some rule or policy at some point, which by the way that policy keeps changing back and forth depending on which way the wind is blowing at certain times, should not be considered or made an issue. With my own personal experience with certain factions of the Navy department it has been noted there exists some who are short sighted, selfish, and ignorant of proper behavior and contrary to the national character, which by partaking in such negative activities may have a negative effect on how we as a nation are viewed by outsiders, citing the text Ugly American as an example, this thought can be supported and expounded on if necessary showing how things can be mischaracterized if not properly thought though. Richard Spencer and a few others show by their actions the corruption that was present and still remains at this time, not saying that Mr. Spenser is a bad person, I am sure in his own mind he is correct in his thinking but perhaps misguided in some way to allow for such thought.

The question is: what kind of life do you wish to live and do you wish to be respected as a people around the world! then don't make mistakes and bad judgments or as few as possible.

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