A United Society

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A United Society is a product of Community Involvement

It has to be said by some that the only way there can be unity and stability in a society is through total community involvement by everyone, Even though in many ways it could be considered a good thing by having a dissenting view at times over any subject if only to spur a conversation over whether it may be a valid point or not, which hopefully that point being the correct one and can be proven by a positive end result.

There are so many area’s that hinge on whether or not something is valid that a number of different subjects should be discussed both in the present day effects and those that may occur later from any action taken, which such action could have a good or bad effect on whether or not a society is sheen as just and true with any decisions that's made then incorporated into everyday life. Validity of any argument and the decisions that comes from it begins with understanding personal behavior and a person’s attitude towards life which can be seen how they function in thier personal lives towards others and on how they may aid others in society and how they may lead others by their example if given the change.

Selfishness is a vital area of concern towards that end in making any evaluation on a subject, and another area that has to be taken into consideration is the opposite of selfishness which is selflessness that points to how someone properly relates to others needs.
The question then must to be? Who is the best person to represent the masses in order to have fewer disputes and conflicts with more productivity and successes in aiding each and every person with achieving their goals, is it the selfish person or the person that does not have a selfish agenda that should prevail? It has to be the most selfless and honest person available.

With that thought it must take the entire community to have some sort of involvement in having that ability to make that choice, so voting and expressing ones opinion in a free society can be and is vital for freedom and safety to be guaranteed.

Again the question is, what you expect from life, do you wish to be free or enslaved, do you wish to prosper or flounder your decision to participate could determine the outcome.

A common theme found throughout each post on this site is good character counts.

Democray and how it works

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Democracy and how it works

Democracy and how it works is a subject that is spoken of one way or the other by some, but far too few in this free society actually engage in Democracy were they should, that society requires a democratic approach to function and survive fail to take full advantage of what it has to offer and what the responsibilities of those that benefit by it and receive from it are. Democracy is not achieved by just name calling and engaging in any opposition to a particular proposal just because it comes from someone else rather than themselves. True democracy is gained by working together as one to achieve a common goal.

It is recognized however full democracy may present some opportunity for dissenting arguments, but one thing must prevail over all else, that is seeking a beneficial outcome for all. The lying and misrepresentations made by some to gain some sort of advantage is in the final analysis is a disservice even to them and does not serve true democracy.

{A question which must be asked of everyone is, what is it that a person really wants and how to achieve it}
Careful thought must be given to that question posed above making sure there are no selfish reasons for whatever answer anyone comes up with.

Complacency is certainly a major enemy to democracy, also a failure to communicate can be seen as a contributor to any misunderstandings that may occur. In order to achieve any common goal, a person most know what someone else thinks and feels to have the ability to gage in any endeavor and be truly free.
It can also be said that no one has any grounds for complaining, for any reason, if they do not express an opinion on any matter, in most cases that sharing of opinion is gained by voting on certain subjects, however, that does not preclude any verbal arguments made by some that represent a certain faction or group of people, those individuals that speak on others behalf are known as leaders, which being a leader doesn’t mean a certain individual is better than someone else, but for simplicity sake one person is elected to speak for others in that group, and because of that responsibility to speak on others behalf there must be a certainty they represent a consensus of the majority, keeping in mind the minority has rights to, which is a perfect example of why any decision should be based on benefiting everyone, if it doesn’t then it should not be considered in the first place.
Democracy relies on individuals and those that make certain arguments on the behalf of those they serve, by being fully competent and honest with their responsibilities, if they are not then they do not deserve to be in the position they fill. It is also the responsibility for all those that have a legal right to express their opinion through vote to do so.

Although there are many more aspects to democracy to consider the above opinion covers much that should be considered, which is keeping it plain and simple.

Special Edition (Coronavirus)

Posted by Administrator on Thursday, March 12. 2020 at 20:31 in General Discussion
This special edition is posted to bring attention to all the talk about the current heath crisis which has gripped the entire world and offer some common sense solutions, clean as best as it can be normally expected of your person and surroundings. It has to be noted that there is no difference or should there be any difference in how everyone should proceed and continue with any normal personal hygiene if it is deemed effective, it is obvious that making sure that personal cleanliness and the surrounding area's of habitation should always be observed regardless of when or where not only for your benefit but for those around you. It is to bad that anyone has to suffer and become ill from any influence at any time, but those kinds of events will always occur with this or any other infection.
Make sure that you begin and continue with any methods of hygiene which may be currently suggested in hopes it may reduce the risk of getting sick, and stay safe and sure that those around you are also safe from being infected by you and continue as you normally would in your daily routine and certainly don't panic.

Socialism and what it means to our freedoms

Posted by Administrator on Monday, March 2. 2020 at 16:27 in General Discussion
Socialism and what it means to our freedoms

Some look to Socialism as a positive solution to much that is wrong with society, although in many cases socialism sounds good but little attention is given to those negative effects which occur when socialism is practiced. Many or most who speak of socialism as if it may be a cure for the ills of society then they are either totally ignorant of facts or corrupt in both a moral and criminal manner.

It can also be said to justify their position on Socialism many even refer to Christ as a Socialists which is far from the truth just by paying attention to his teachings that had been chronicled through scripture it would be evident. Any reference to that type of activity by him were many had been gleaned from what they and others may had thought was the meaning of his works and what those works meant, then later subscribed to many of those thoughts perceived to be true at a later date as seen in scripture to make it look as if supporting that philosophy often those thoughts relied on to make take determination had been written by others.
[Being Social is in no way Socialism as it's practiced as a political philosophy]

Attention must be paid to the following conditions which socialism presents and offers, and consider the effects that are realized by those acts.
Requirement: Socialism calls for the Confiscation of all things owned by one and given to others who have in no way earned them.
Effects: By confiscation it lessons or does away with any incentive to achieve and better oneself by having no reward for those efforts which those achievements would benefit others by those accomplishments.
Those individuals who are interested in Socialism the question is does that idea sound like betting things.
Another compliant from those who favor socialism is at least in some fashion, they rale against corporations as being evil. That’s another area where their thinking is flawed and either shows ignorance or corruption.
Corporations are made up of ordinary individuals attempting to achieve a goal with the greatest amount of brain power and strength of numbers as possible. The very same approach that many who are seeking a socialist society attempts though the power of numbers. The corporations aren’t evil; it’s the persons behind any certain one.
Looking at the subject just using basic math it’s hard to understand why anyone would see any benefit of a socialist society since the numbers never add up this is no freedom with socialism only tyranny.

Correlation between Corporations and Politics

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Corporations and Politics

Some people who rail against corporations and the policies set by those corporations, and where often those complaints are made by some for political gain, stating policies engaged in by those intities and very existence of corporations seem to be derogatory or a negative force in society, then those individuals often do not understand what corporations are or should be.

First it must be defined what the true intentions and reasons are why a Corporation exists in determining their purpose and viability as being a good force for creativity and advancement for and all societal groups, they should be viewed as closely as possible to come to a proper conclusion, some do have a negative purpose that is acknowledged, but for others they are a positive force benefiting all! A Corporation is only a conglomeration of those people who have like ideas and skills in order to fulling benefit then by forming such a group increases the chance of success in achieving certain goals, which by the way does not always happen if that idea is not popular to begin with. But that group of people brought together as one having the same goals and principles as many others and individuals do who or seeking strength in numbers in the pursuit of those goals. The negative aspect of any organization whether it’s a corporation partnership or other type of group only comes about by greed, misuse and abuses that follows with any corruption that may exists.
Corporations are a good idea in many cases and benefit all if not corrupt, and anyone who condemns them in anyway not only shows ignorance through their thoughts and actions, but must be corrupt themselves, and because of that, has no right to represent anyone by feeling they are none bois and only acting for the benefit of all, which they aren’t.
Again it must be stated that the only way to cure most societal ills is through good character and unselfish behavior with honest intentions.

The question is of course, what is it you want, by demonizing and banning corporations do you wish there are no opportunities?

As always any dissenting views and ideas are welcome and encouraged.

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