Concerns Over Internet Operations and basic freedoms

Wednesday, April 15. 2020

Concerns over internet operations and what they mean

As the use of and the reliance on the internet grows more each day and it's affects are felt by a greater number of individuals, it is important to understand what using this form of communication entails.

There is a growing concern regarding individual privacy and how it can be maintained and still deliver quality service to its users. It is apparent that many fixes in the past have been made and required but fail to work as expected, basically because they don’t address the underlying cause correctly which is the character and honesty of some individuals using such service. The sad part of providing that security to protect privacy of certain individuals is that it can be seen in certain ways of having the effects of a loss of freedoms of those very individual they are intent to protect, a loss of freedoms in many ways imposed by the manner of how statements regarding privacy and responsibility are made for the use of that and affiliated services.

With regard to any statements on policy, it is the correct position to take by all parties that it’s the person offering the service which has an obligation to its users, not the other way around.
The abridging of any personal rights in essence as mentioned in the U S Constitution cannot legally take place in any form and certainly not by coercion by some even though there are a large number of courts, judges and attorneys these days that think those rights can be abridged and often proceed accordingly in their thinking and assumption those rights have been set aside somehow by just saying so in the form of a policy statement.
The true facts are no one can be held hostage for any reason with agreeing to the terms of service or with anything they can’t dispute at the very moment it’s presented for approval without the ability to make some sort or any counter offers for immediate action at the time of presentation to the person making the original offer to use such service and then having it finally accepted by both parties in its final form, especially where it can be seen as an essential service, that is if any kind of agreement is offered at all, I repeat especially what may be considered an essential service to some. The fact that it is presented as an offering to do business with the idea that many or most would wish to partake in that service or product and have some sort of need makes it essential by just doing and offering that business.

Another issue is the character and intent of the user where there may be ill intent and where certain etiquette can and should be expected. After all the internet is for the benefit of every person, then certain behavior should be expected and if that behavior run counter to the rights and acts of others then it must be prosecuted as a criminal act.

Of course there are good aspects of the internet and technology which helps to improve lives and those need consideration too, for example the collection of certain data that was gathered before the internet was introduced by hand and was quite tedious and mistakes where far more prevalent, Immediate keeping records of inventories, ease of having access to things like medical records and the like however not only do these things need to be addressed intelligently and legally the many areas where the internet comes in to play needs to be ready for prime time as it said and the internet as in stands is not ready to be rolled out and relied on as it is currently.

Many ongoing ICANN Failures

Tuesday, August 20. 2019

International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Why should ICANN be the center of all the controversy in reference to internet activities? because they have control over its direction through policy making and other aspects of internet operations, that responsibility given them by the FCC to aid with thier responsabilies of oversight!

ICANN was considered by some in the past as an answer to many questions that prevailed for the oversight of an up and coming industry, where in fact, it has become a method of restricting individual rights and policing criminal activity through making certain policies which was never their purview in any case. That function should be left up to law enforcement.

In its initial day ICANN was conceived as an aid to a Federal agency the FCC, in managing certain aspects of the internet which at that time and still is a media and method of communications for all, and in that communications may will and does affect how that media is used by anyone.
ICCAN having Its main function to help all users of the internet by creating an orderly framework for its use and allowing for a good experience to be had by all who may use the internet, not just a few, however ICANN has failed in that task in many ways.

ICANN has gone far beyond its mandate by violating numerous State and Federal Statutes which by violating those laws and guidelines set by statute has enabled many to abuse and use that medium for nefarious and criminal activities.
One of those areas privacy, where in an effort to somehow protect individuals privacy, ICANN has violated some if not all individuals’ privacy they seek by causing the publishing of certain information on individuals.
It is illegal under some shine the light laws in many States to cause any publication of certain information regarding an individual without their consent, which they haven’t properly received.

ICANN enlists various associates and affiliates to carry out a number of policies ICANN has establishes for the use of the internet, then in many cases has failed to ensure the proper use of those policies. And by that failure fails in its proper oversight function of the very task it has been given by the FCC, and that task is to insure an orderly method of use of the internet.

Criminal activity by ICANN! perhaps unintentional but criminal none the less

There are certain passages within ICANN’s own policy manual prohibiting criminal activity, but by aiding and abetting any criminal activity through certain acts by them and thier associates, they have allowed themselves to become a part of those activities of criminal behavior.

It has been found that certain associates acting in ICANN’s name interfered with the legal actions of an internet user, citizen, who that user had paid for that privilege of its use in a number of ways, and further that associate apparently using an ICANN policy as the premise for its action proceeded to damage that user, and where ICANN was notified and asked to clarify its position in ample time prior to any injury occurring, failed to intercede in that effort to verify such information as being accurate or not, in any case, to insure proper use of one of its policies, then by not reacting caused great irreparable harm to a citizen of the U. S. in prohibiting that individual to exercise many of its legal rights.

Under present policy that action could happen to anyone at any time if not checked. This act by ICANN is even contrary to the “none delegation theory” set by congress, and by not acting when it could ICCAN has at least committed a form of Malfeasance.
Further it has to be noted, ICANN not being a law making or enforcement body or agency, ICANN does not have the legal right to prohibit any person’s legal activities, and until such time all people who vote and can make such a decision giving such authority to those who represent the proper body the actions of ICCAN and others or illegal and Un-constitutional, I say it again ICANN doesn’t have the authority to stifle the people’s rights, that includes any person anywhere since they are international in scope.

If ICANN would concentrate more on an effort to correct and eliminate actual fraud through false adverting and actual scams being perpetrated and less on things that have little or no bearing on protecting individuals they would be better served, and those acts concentrated on would included better communications and responsiveness. They should look more into the activities of some like Facebook, Mylife and others like them who are engaged in many of the present day ills, those ills that have an effect on everyone may be solved.

There still has to be a question asked of everyone, How do you wish to live and be treated, with respect and a secure future and knowing your legal efforts or protected or not?
As usual any legitimate dissenting views are welcome as well as those views supporting these matter.

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Internet Privacy Concerns

Wednesday, July 24. 2019

Internet concerns on posting personal information

With this new day of reliance on the internet to gather information, which may affect others in some way, it is incumbent on those who publish this and any such information, to be accurate and remain in the confines of the law, and the bounds of common sense, that is, if they wish to engage in this type of behavior in any case. It has been found and noted that much of the information being posted by some such Sites like "Mylife" for example, in many ways reflects the background and character of others being scrutinized, where much or a great deal of this information shown, is either false, misleading or an outright fabrication, and does not indicate what may be the true nature of an individual being researched for any purpose, and for any and many reasons they may have or think they have. In the case of employment for example, that information being sought for that purpose, may at some point keeping an individual from much needed employment without regard to that information is correct or not, where if the use of other means are used explicitly and properly, and insure that information and it's use for that purpose is correct, it may prove more beneficial to the person seeking such information.
Much of this published information, goes un-known to the subject person, or even being stated or shown in some venue which others are privy to that information, not giving the subject person to even have a fair opportunity to explain or counter that information, or if that information is either clear, correct and accurate. Oh sure they say they have a way to allow editing, but a person has to be aware it’s there first, however it shouldn't be there to start with. Once it is made known if it is, it may be too late to establish its authenticity or correctness and countering any attitude derived from It, which may have already been drawn from its influence. Remember we also live in an age of hacking and identity theft which is prevalent, and there is no way of being sure if that person may be a victim of such activity, or a malicious attempt at person destruction, until after it's learned and it may at that time too late to successfully correct any issue it may have created, if it does exist.

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